Yoshimine Koryukan / Yoshimine Yu Land Store Tateyama Co., Ltd.

  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Has a vegetarian menu.
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Rice: Our koshihikari rice is harvested in the Tani area of Tateyama-machi from fascinating terraced rice paddies. This first-rate rice grows with pure snowmelt in an environment with drastic temperature swings. The picture on the package shows a monk's staff as well as a spade. This will make a perfect souvenir.

Water: Fresh water from the Northern Alps mountains is packaged into a bottle with a picture of the magnificent yuki no Otani Snow Walls. Surprisingly enough, this is the first water product to show this marvelous scene on its bottle. You cannot go wrong if you choose this stylish souvenir!

Rice porridge: The ingredients of our specialty rice porridge are natural water and specially-cultivated Koshihikari rice, which are both from Tateyama-machi. A combination of these high-quality ingredients and our unique method, our specialty rice porridge is slowly but surely cooked to perfection. It is also food additive free.

Selling Point
The store features special products from Tateyama-machi, selling the most kinds of "Certified Tateyama Brand" items in the town.
We offer a complex with of a day spa, a hotel, an outdoor facility, a souvenir store and a restaurant. From our natural hot springs "Tateyama Yoshimine Onsen" known for its positive effect on your skin to accommodation facilities like an inn, a cottage, and a RV park, we offer a variety of exciting features.
Green Park Yoshimine is located in the middle of Toyama Prefecture, which makes it convenient for you to travel anywhere in the area. If you are traveling in Toyama, Green Park is the perfect place to stay at.
Wi-Fi service is available and credit card payment is accepted.

・Tateyama Chikara-Mai Rice
・Tateyama Natural Water
・Tateyama Rice Porridge

Open hours
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12 Yoshiminenobiraki, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture 930-1362, Japan

●By car: Approx. 20 correct minute drive from Tateyama Interchange
●By train: Approx. 50 correct minute drive from JR Toyama Station