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Gifts from mineral rich 'deep-sea water' and 'Nagaramo'!
'Nagaramo' is a seaweed rich in minerals. 'Deep-sea water' has mineral balance very similar to that of human's. 'Nagaramo Udon' is a combination of these two special ingredients. The glutinous and sticky thin noodles will easily go down your throat.
'Nagaramo' contains perfect nutrition!
'Nagaramo' is a kind of seaweed that is harvested from the Himi Coast of Toyama Bay over a limited period, and its scientific name is sargassum horneri. It also contains plenty of fiber and polyphenol, which people tend to lack. The component which produces stickiness is called 'fucoidan'. This subshance suppresses cancers and rising blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol. 'Nagaramo' has this subshance as much as five times more than regular wakame seaweed does.

Selling Point
Dried noodles can be stored for about a year after production, and are perfect for gifts.

Toyama Bay Deep-sea Water Inspired Nagaramo Udon

Name Sangon Shop
Address 15-5 Honmachi, Himi-shi, Toyama 935-0016, Japan
Access 10-minute walk from JR Himi Station
Two-minute walk from Himi City Kaetsuno Bus Himi-machi bus stop.
TEL +81-766-74-2263
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