Nirvanam Kamiyacho branch

  • Halal-certified
  • Has Halal or Muslim-friendly menu.
  • Not serving dishes made with pork
  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Has a vegetarian menu.
  • Is a Halal-only kitchen.
  • Uses Halal-specific utensils.
  • Has a Muslim chef.
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★All-you-can-eat lunch buffet with a variety of 15 items to chose from, one of the best deals in the center of Tokyo.

Nirvanam is well known for their great lunch buffet. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet that comes with more than 10 items for very reasonable price of 1200yen, which is a great deal and hard to find in the center of Tokyo.
On the day of interview, there were items such as chicken curry, mutton curry, vegetable curry with coconut, dosa, bean soup with sambal chill sauce, and uddin vada (mashed-bean doughnut with a hint of spice such as black pepper).
Nirvanam chefs and staff are from the Southern part of India. They don’t use pork and beef in the kitchen, and all the items on the menu are halal friendly. Kamiyacho branch is a halal certified restaurant.

Open hours
LUNCH: 11:15~14:30
DINNER:18:00~22:00 (L.O.21:30)
English, Japanese, Hindu
WEB Site
2F Oote building, 3-19-7, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2F Oote building, 3-19-7, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo