Indian Cuisine Mumbai Kudan

  • Not serving dishes made with pork
  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Has a vegetarian menu.
  • Has a Muslim chef.
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Mumbai serves authentic Indian cuisine carefully handmade by authentic chefs.
No preservatives or colorings are used. Enjoy the aroma and harmony of Indian spices with a perfect balance of spiciness, sourness and umami.
Indian curry made by blending dozens of spices with naan, which is the specialty of the restaurant, which is fluffy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Enjoy the scent that spreads softly in your mouth ♪ At lunch time, nan and rice are free to refill!

Open hours
Open until 10:00pm until the spread prevention measures are lifted
English, Hindi
WEB Site
BF Matsuoka Kudan Building B1F, 2-2-8 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

3 minute walk from Kudanshita Station Exit 2