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Himiudon Kaizuya

  • Not serving dishes made with pork
  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Not serving alcohol
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Sticking to the hand-stretching and handmade method, we make fine adjustments to the composition of water and salt according to the weather and humidity.
Since we really want to bring out the flavor of the noodles as they are, we do not use any oil.

Selling Point
Our claim to fame is the unique mochi-like texture and flavor of our noodles, which are supple and chewy.
Wi-Fi and a credit card are available.

Himiudon Hosomen, Yomogi Udon, Mochi Udon, Thick Udon, Konbu Udon, Traditional Komemen (rice noodle), Somen, Fine Hosomen

Open hours
9:00 to 18:30
WEB Site
20 Kamiizumi, Himi-shi, Toyama 935-0037, Japan

5-minute drive from Himi Station,
11-minute drive from Hokuriku Expressway Takaoka North IC