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Muslim Imam installed Qibla seals that point in the direction of Mecca (prayer direction) in all the guestrooms. At the same time, we also recently prepared sets of items that are needed for worship (prayer clothing for women and prayer mats) as new items to loan out to guests. In addition, by way of preparations for the amenities within the rooms, we have also arranged it so that we can provide large quantities of the towels that are necessary to wash one’s body when praying to accommodate the demand for them.
*We will guide those guests who would like to pray in another location besides their guestroom to the prayer room located on the fourth floor of the Terminal 1 Building at Kansai International Airport, which is about an eight minute walk from the hotel lobby.

Name Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
Address 1, Senshu-kuko kita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 549-0001, Japan(Kansai International Airport)
TEL +81-72-455-1111
Number of rooms 576
Language English
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