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【Service For Muslim Guests】
We provide the Halal certified Japanese green tee, and the other snacks or instant food as the great gifts for Muslim in our shop.
We also prepare the prayer rug for rental (free of charge) and the iPads with an application indicating the direction of Mecca. Also the information about Halal restaurants, grocery stores and mosques in Tokyo are provided at reception front desk.

【Halal-Trained Staff】
All of our staffs have completed the Halal training (supervised by Malaysia Halal Corporation Co., Ltd.: ) including the basic tenets of Islam, proper manners while welcoming Muslim guests, and the customs of Muslim. We’re doing our best to provide the service, information and souvenir as health, safety, and requirement of Muslim to satisfy more Islamic travelers.

Address 2-2-9 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0042
TEL +81-3-3842-8421
Number of rooms 145
Language English , Chinese
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