• Halal-certified
  • Has Halal or Muslim-friendly menu.
  • Not serving dishes made with pork
  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Not serving alcohol
  • Is a Halal-only kitchen.
  • Uses Halal-specific utensils.
  • Has a Muslim chef.
  • The owner is Muslim.
  • Has a prayer space.
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All of Zaika's Pakistani dishes are elaborate and full of flavor. Zaika's biryani is available in chicken and mutton. It is carefully made by layering and steaming in the traditional way, and is well-received by customers for its authentic taste.It is also nice to know that you can enjoy completely halal food at a reasonable price in Tokyo. Since Haneda Airport is nearby, many foreign tourists from Muslim countries visit Zaika.
Zaika has been Halal certified since 2022. Therefore, all items on the restaurant's menu are Halal-certified and no beer or other alcoholic beverages are served.

Open hours
Lunch 11:30~14:30 
Dinner 17:00~21:30
English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
WEB Site
3-2-6 Minami Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

3-2-6 Minami Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo