THE U-don

  • Not serving dishes made with pork
  • Has a non-pork, non-alcoholic menu.
  • Has a vegetarian menu.
  • Is a Halal-only kitchen.
  • Uses Halal-specific utensils.
  • The owner is Muslim.
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The first Halal Certified shop in Kansai International Airport! A Casual shop where "Sanuki Udon" can be enjoyed with self-service style. The shop went through a renewal and was reopened after Halal certified by Malaysian Halal Consultation & Training Agency (MHCT) from Malaysia on July 25, 2013. All ingredients including beef, chicken and seasonings confirms to Halal standards which are safe to be consumed by Muslim clientele. Also, alcohol served to non-Muslim customers in dedicated disposable cups is thoroughly halal managed to prevent any cross contamination. Starting with the menu, all products and dining experience is displayed in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese) to enable you to enjoy your meal even as a first timer. Items on sale: Sanuki udon, oden, tempura, Rice dishes, soft drinks, alcohol (cans).

Open hours
7:00-22:00, Last call at 21:30
WEB Site
Passenger Terminal Building 2F, 1-Naka, Senshu-Kuko, Tajiri-Chou, Sennan-Gun, Osaka 549-0011

in Kansai International Airport